Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My tips and tricks to get a good 22lr scope

I own a 22LR rifle, which is very popular all around the world. I've been in the market for a scope and have been searching for reviews. I thought I'd compile a few tips and tricks for buying one.

The 22 lr include various pistols, revolvers and some smoothbore shotguns. This very popular cartridge use a so called heeled bullet, which means that the bullet has the same diameter as the case and a narrow portion to fit the case.
When purchasing the best scope for your 22lr you have to pay attention to some important features.

Although many people consider that a 22 lr doesn’t have to work with a scope, you may want to find out that a scope is very necessary.

Try to find a high quality scope that will provide great results. Experts say that you should buy a more expensive scope, almost as expensive as the rifle is.

You will need a good scope because it is very hard to scope a 22rl with a pair of binoculars.

You should consider buying a low- magnification scope. Why? Because by using this kind of scopes you will enjoy a greater depth or focus.

You can find these kind of scopes especially made for these 22rl. You can try 4x or even a lower magnification. I've even read reviews about a red dot sight and thought about one of those.

Another possibility is the AO scope. This scope has an adjustable objective lens that can be focused at close distances.

If you want something even better for your 22lr you can also try a variable-X scope. This is a very interesting feature you should keep into consideration when purchasing a scope for your device. These scopes allow you to set the magnification and the power you need.

Get in touch with other people that own a 22lr and talk with them about the kind of scopes they are using. You will get useful information that will make your choice easier. You can also try asking experts in the field about which scopes to use.

It is very important to know and to select the best scope if you want to use your rifle in the best way possible. You may even want to check out a holographic sight for your rifle.

A 22lr is a perfect cartridge for recreational activities. This gun can be used for initial firearms training, small-game hunting or pest control.

Its performance is not the best one and it varies between the type of action and the barrel length.

The 22 lr is effective to 140 m but don’t forget that the actual range can be less. Also, keep in mind that the accuracy is good but it’s not a great one. Generally speaking, the best 22lr scope can improve this gun, but keep in mind it is not an exceptional gun.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why an Electrician Needs a Multi-tool

Have you ever been in a situation where you do not have everything you need? You find yourself going back and forth a couple of times until you finally have what is needed to get the job done. Now imagine being an electrician on the job. Not sure what tools is required at that moment until you get into a tight space to find out you need something you left in your tool box. That is where the a good quality multi-tool comes in handy.

Electricians require a variety of tools to get the job done. A multi-tool is several tools joined into one single tool but are used for many different purposes. With something as handy as a multi-tool an electrician can do a number of jobs with one device. Imagine being able to cut wire and saw a hole in dry wood all with the same tool. This is something great to have to not only help the electrician but to get the work done faster.

Not all multi-tools are the same so it is important for an electrician to find the one that has the right tools to complete the task required. Since multi-tools come handy for many different occupations, plumbers, carpenters even campers; electricians really have to look close to make sure they spend money on the right one. Most will read multitool reviews from multitoolreviews.org. Some different tools you can find in a multi-tool are wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, and a knife. Most electrician multi-tools can fit on a tool belt or even in a pocket, which helps when in those tight spaces or up high.

Now that you know what a multi-tool is and some of the different tools you can find in one, here are some of the many functions an electrician can do with this tool.

1. Cutting- Many multi-tools have some type of saw or blades to cut holes in drywall for installing outlets and switches. It can also be used to cut metal, wood and pipes.

2. Clipping wires- Electrician multi-tools usually come with some type of wire cutter. Certain multi-tools come with more than one wire cutter but there are a few that have one cutter that can adjust into many different sizes. That way if the electrician is dealing with a wide range of cables or wires then they will be set.

3. Wire stripping- Like cutters, wire strippers are also important for an electrician to have on hand when they need it. A wire stripper helps remove the plastic coating off of a cable. Chances are if you are going to need a wire cutter you are going to need a stripper as well, why not have both in one.

4. Tighten- You can find some multi-tools with some sort of pliers. It is helpful to find one that has pliers that can help tighten wires and bolts, since this is usually what electricians use them for.

5. Other- Many electricians do not just do electrical work but also construction or maintenance. Since they do not find too many tools that are used for these jobs in their toolbox it is good to find a multi-tool that can help with these tasks. Many handy multi-tools can also sand, scrap and grind.

Now that you know why it is important for an electrician to have a multi-tool and some of the many jobs you can do with it, let’s discuss what a lot of people want to know; price. If you are looking for the multi-tool that fits all your needs and does a qualified job it may be a good idea to spend some extra money. Really research online and read reviews from fellow electricians to find a good quality tool. Some of these more expensive multi-tool can fall anywhere between 150 to 250 dollars. Yes this is a pricy number but these more high quality ones will last you longer and usually do a more accurate job. With that being said you can also find some really good multi-tools starting at 25 dollars. It is important to ask around and read reviews before you spend the money.

An electrician’s job is not an easy one and requires a lot of hard work. Why not make the job a little easier and get a multi-tool that has all your tools in one place. You will find that not only does it make your job seem at ease but you can also get the job done faster. And who does not want that!

Why Should I Use a Pressure Cooker To Make My Meals?

Cooking has been very tiresome and tedious to those who do not have passion to cook. Sometimes, others find it difficult to cook their meals and to know when it is already cooked or not. Moreover, not everyone has a complete set of cooking pots and pans that will suit the meal for the day. There are so many elements and requirements when cooking that makes anyone forget about cooking their own meals and buy a ready to eat meals outdoors instead. But you have to know that cooking would not too difficult when using a pressure cooker. It gives tons of benefits as well.

Pressure cooking starts way back hundreds of years ago but it only started becoming popular during these century. Latest pressure cookers have built-in safety mechanism to prevent anyone from danger. There is no more exploding likely to occur with the latest pressure cookers. You should not have fear in to use pressure cookers to cook your meals. Also, there are great reviews about pressure cookers at Cookware Nation, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your needs.

Pressure Cooking Is Healthy

Myths state that pressure cooking is very unhealthy because it denatures nutrients in food. And this is a 100% myth! Pressure cooking is healthiest way to cook your meals. A study has proven that the best pressure cookers on the market retain up to 90% of the vitamins contained in your food. Vitamins especially Vitamin B and C and the ones mainly preserved. High temperatures in pressure cooker do not destroy the nutrients. Moreover, pressure cooking uses less water. Water increases the moisture content in food. Moisture stored in food is the primary cause of food spoilage. Another thing, vitamins and minerals are water soluble materials. Less water will mean that less vitamins and minerals are washed off your food.

Grains and legumes staying in food become more digestible than normal boiling procedures. The cause of this is Phytic acid. Phytic acid binds minerals into the digestive tract that makes it unavailable for the body. By reducing the phytic acid in grains and legumes, the nutrients become available making the legumes and grains easily digestible. Aside from grains and legumes, pressure cookers reduce the lectins in grains.

Pressure cooking prevents food from being carcinogenic. The main reason for this is because the food is stored tight inside the cooker with a bit of water. Carcinogenic foods come from dry cooking and ultra-high temperature environments like deep frying, roasting, and grilling.

Pressure cooking is definitely healthy for anyone. It provides more benefits unlike other cooking methods. It makes proteins and other types of food more digestible. And it can preserve more heat-sensitive nutrients as compared to any other cooking method.

You Save More Time

Pressure cookers apply pressure along with heat to cook whatever is inside it. Pressure cooker are normal used for meat, it saves time when cooking meat unlike when you use stainless steel cookware like these. Normal stove pans and pots are not capable of exerting pressure to cook the meat faster. Cooking involves the making the beef, pork, or chicken softer. And pressure cookers can do the usual 1-3 hours job into a maximum of 30-45 minutes! You get to save most of your time for cooking using pressure cookers. This is the primary reason why vitamins are retained in your food. You cook and heat the food in lesser time than normal. Pressure cooking is perfect for last-minute meals. You apply more pressure means that you also provide higher temperature cooking for food without the fear of too much water loss.

You Can Cook Anything

Pressure cookers are generally known to cook beef. However, people always find interesting ideas that will be suitable in times of difficulty and need. When you do not have a stove or a pan to cook on, and you only have a pressure cooker, you should know that you can cook your meals in there already. No doubts about its cooking capability! Once you make the pressure cooker run, all you have to do is check it a few minutes after and start adding flavours and spices to finish your meals. There are tons of recipes available for you to try. These recipes involve the use of pressure cookers that you really have to get your hand on. This is very perfect for any time of the day. There is no more need for you to go out and buy your meals in fast food restaurants or stores. You can start cooking and sharing your time with your family and friends. All you need is a bit of time, passion, and a pressure cooker to start.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Description of a Portion of the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

This is a random post about picking out details in this painting. It was an experiment. Did it work? You be the judge.

At the bottom left-hand corner of the painting there is a black shadow of a figure standing with a branch growing out of her thigh, and an apple on top of her head. 

Right next to her, there is a female figure raising her hand to a bird.  A little behind that there is a figure holding an orange sack with green decorations.  To the right of all that, there is a cracked orange ball with a female figure in the inside of it, and a male figure leaning over a ball. On the orange ball there is a vine with some kind of purple fruit growing onto it.  Directly above that there are three figures,  they are all leaning over the orange ball. 

One woman has a big red piece of fruit with greenish yellow leaves on top growing out of  her rear end.  On the right of the orange ball,  there is a female figure sitting down in a relaxed position eating some type of fruit.  She has a circular object resting between her legs with a hole in the top of it. 

In the middle of the painting moving toward the right, there are nine people bunched together.  However, the main female figure in the front has two red apples, placed on her head.  She has her hand around a man looking into a green barrel.  Below the barrel an arm is petting a fish, which is coming out of the barrel.  In the bottom right-hand corner,  there is a pinkish egg shaped object with two arms planted on the ground.  Toward the top of the egg shaped object there are two legs, resting on the legs there is a bluish green bird.  On the other side of that object, there is another egg shaped object with arms and legs, but this one is an off white color that is cracked.  It has some kind of greenish flowers that are hanging of it. 

All the way in the bottom right-hand corner there is a male figure hugging a strawberry.  Moving up above the guy on the strawberry, there is another male figure who has two red flowers in his hand.  To the left of that, there is a female head, and a right arm that seem to be holding a cluster of blue balls. 

All the way on the complete left side where the black shadow of a figure, there is an orange ball in the water  with an oval hole in it, there is a head of a male figure staring through a glass tube looking at a rat.  On top of the orange ball, there is a cracked crystal ball with a man and a woman in it. 

The man has his hand on the womans stomach, and the woman has her hand on the man’s leg.  On the right of that ball with the two figures in it, there seems to be a figure with his head submerged grabbing himself, while he has a red circular ball between his legs.  The ball has a large hole in it with a bird sticking out of it. 

Submerged in the water are six heads of people surrounding a blue ball, which has various colors of other balls.  There is another pinkish orange structure that has vines growing up the top of it.  There are two people in it, an arm and a leg that are sticking out the sides.  Down by the lower limb, there is a male figure laying on his back. With another male figure holding his arm up in the air.  On the right-hand side of the painting,  there is a red tepee with figures of legs sticking out of the entrance.  There are also red limb type structures hanging on the side of the tepee.  On one of the structures there is a very large bird perched on one of the limbs.  Behind the tepee there are a number of people there while the bird appears to be feeding the people.   On the middle left hand side of the painting there is a male figure stroking an owls stomach, while there is another male figure sitting on top of a duck.  On top of the duck there is a bird perched that is blue in color with a auburn breast. 

There is another male figure  with a tear drop on top of his head, which is sitting on top of the bird with one arm sticking up in the air.   These figures are all in the water also.  Then there  is a female figure with an extremely large stomach dancing, with a man in the water.  

In the center of the painting there are various figures riding on camels, unicorns,  goats, birds, fish, boars and other strange animals that seem to be creations of the artist. 

These animals are all on land, which are circling a body of water which is directly in the center of the painting.  There are also various people bathing in the pond.  On the right side of the circle there is a group of people carrying a scorpion type structure, which consists of birds coming out of the front.  Also there is a male figure doing a hand stand with his feet in the air, holding a serpent type baby with his feet.  Above that there are people sitting in a large red flower with a pasture of monkeys.  On the top right there is a face with spike like structure with birds dancing all over it. 

In the middle of the painting on the ground, there is a pack of goats.  Above the circle of animals there is another pond,  which has a black  male figure pushing a tea cup full of people.  To the left there is large blue ball with a ring around it, and on the ring there are people doing hand stands.  On the top of that there is a surringe type object. 

To the left of that there is a half man half serpent with armor on, chasing a female figure.  On the far left there is a pink castle like structure  with clear tubes coming through the sides of it.  At the bottom of the castle type structure there is an opening with horses and people coming out of it.  At the top of the castle  there is a tree with spikes growing out the top of it.  In the back ground behind the castle there are trees, goats and horses.  In the top left hand corner, a male figure is riding on top of a bird which is holding a tree.  To the far right there is an armored serpent man holding a fishing pole flying on a bird.  Below that is a blue flowered castle structure.  People and horses are running  out of the castle like structure.  To the right of that is a pink type structure with a grey tube on the top.  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Random thoughts about discrimination and stereotyping

Stereotyping can nevertheless lead to discrimination. In the absence of total information about a person, we assume a few traits in him or her just because s/he is African-American or Asian, young or old, tall or short, blonde or brunette.

The assumptions can be true of false, but are made nevertheless, when we are not exactly sure of who or how they are exactly. For example, not all African American men are 6’1” and not everyone is a basketball player; however, when we hear African –American male, we assume they are all tall, and they are all interested in basketball. Or, alternatively, when we hear professional basketball player, we automatically assume African-American and hence tall. Here, a few examples of African-American men who were taller than 6’1” and professional basketball player have created a genre where everyone else with similar traits are stereotyped into. 

Again, physically attractive female, especially blondes, are stereotyped as unintelligent and shallow. Without digging into her background or personality, attractive blondes are considered materialistic and basically ‘dumb’ regardless of her education or qualification.

The idea of a ‘dumb blonde’ has been stereotyped in movies, music as well as literature. There is a separate genre of joke based on them. All these have led us to believe that all attractive blondes are stupid. This is stereotyping, and is pretty harmless at times, until we seriously regard them as dumb and express it to them. For example, we consider all attractive blondes in the workplace inefficient and pass snide comments, or even deny them promotions or jobs. This is where stereotyping turns to discrimination.   

In many fields, African-American men of a certain age have been stereotyped as prone to violence and crime. This may be statistically correct of some African-American teenagers to be associated with crime, as with teenagers who are White, Hispanic or Asian. However, discriminating against African-American teenagers based on this knowledge and denying them jobs or educational opportunities without knowing the background of that specific individual is unfair and wrong.

Discrimination against a race or group that is different, this way, gives rise to racism in a society, which is an unreasonable and unhealthy treatment of people.
TV and media have flooded us with various types of stereotypes about people from various walks of life. There are some very common stereotyping which later on give rise to severe gender discrimination:

Men are physically and emotionally stronger than women
Women aren’t as intelligent or as efficient as men
Men are the breadwinners and women are the homemakers
Women and girls only care about their physical appearance
Girls are not interested or good at sports

These stereotypes were perhaps created with a certain person or a few people in mind, but that does not mean that all women or all men are the same.

Sexual stereotypes suggest that all gays are feminine, have a very distinctive speech pattern and are generally employed in the fashion industry or the Media. On the other hand, all lesbians are manly, rude and prefer manly jobs such as a contractor or a builder. Again, all men who are feminine are thought to be gay; and all women who have a masculine trait in them are supposedly lesbians.