Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why an Electrician Needs a Multi-tool

Have you ever been in a situation where you do not have everything you need? You find yourself going back and forth a couple of times until you finally have what is needed to get the job done. Now imagine being an electrician on the job. Not sure what tools is required at that moment until you get into a tight space to find out you need something you left in your tool box. That is where the a good quality multi-tool comes in handy.

Electricians require a variety of tools to get the job done. A multi-tool is several tools joined into one single tool but are used for many different purposes. With something as handy as a multi-tool an electrician can do a number of jobs with one device. Imagine being able to cut wire and saw a hole in dry wood all with the same tool. This is something great to have to not only help the electrician but to get the work done faster.

Not all multi-tools are the same so it is important for an electrician to find the one that has the right tools to complete the task required. Since multi-tools come handy for many different occupations, plumbers, carpenters even campers; electricians really have to look close to make sure they spend money on the right one. Most will read multitool reviews from Some different tools you can find in a multi-tool are wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, and a knife. Most electrician multi-tools can fit on a tool belt or even in a pocket, which helps when in those tight spaces or up high.

Now that you know what a multi-tool is and some of the different tools you can find in one, here are some of the many functions an electrician can do with this tool.

1. Cutting- Many multi-tools have some type of saw or blades to cut holes in drywall for installing outlets and switches. It can also be used to cut metal, wood and pipes.

2. Clipping wires- Electrician multi-tools usually come with some type of wire cutter. Certain multi-tools come with more than one wire cutter but there are a few that have one cutter that can adjust into many different sizes. That way if the electrician is dealing with a wide range of cables or wires then they will be set.

3. Wire stripping- Like cutters, wire strippers are also important for an electrician to have on hand when they need it. A wire stripper helps remove the plastic coating off of a cable. Chances are if you are going to need a wire cutter you are going to need a stripper as well, why not have both in one.

4. Tighten- You can find some multi-tools with some sort of pliers. It is helpful to find one that has pliers that can help tighten wires and bolts, since this is usually what electricians use them for.

5. Other- Many electricians do not just do electrical work but also construction or maintenance. Since they do not find too many tools that are used for these jobs in their toolbox it is good to find a multi-tool that can help with these tasks. Many handy multi-tools can also sand, scrap and grind.

Now that you know why it is important for an electrician to have a multi-tool and some of the many jobs you can do with it, let’s discuss what a lot of people want to know; price. If you are looking for the multi-tool that fits all your needs and does a qualified job it may be a good idea to spend some extra money. Really research online and read reviews from fellow electricians to find a good quality tool. Some of these more expensive multi-tool can fall anywhere between 150 to 250 dollars. Yes this is a pricy number but these more high quality ones will last you longer and usually do a more accurate job. With that being said you can also find some really good multi-tools starting at 25 dollars. It is important to ask around and read reviews before you spend the money.

An electrician’s job is not an easy one and requires a lot of hard work. Why not make the job a little easier and get a multi-tool that has all your tools in one place. You will find that not only does it make your job seem at ease but you can also get the job done faster. And who does not want that!

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